Site History

Locals will remember the RAAF base as 7SD that is now The Village on the Downs. Before and after WW2 it met a vital strategic role. After 50 years the Airforce moved on and we saw the opportunity to redevelop the location as a retirement village that retained the character and homeliness of the tree lined precinct. Immediately after operating as the RAAF base, the site was used for student accommodation, known as Unilink, for a number of years, designed as economical accommodation option for the local university students.

Justin Harrison and Michael Harrison purchased the Unilink site in 1998. They applied for a development control plan over the entire site to establish a retirement community, shopping centre and student accommodation and medical precinct. They were successful in achieving development approval by 1999.


The retirement village site was purchased by The Village on the Downs Limited in September 2001. The Village on the Downs is an unlisted public company with approximately 70 shareholders. In May 2002 the company was granted a license to operate a retirement village on the 90667 m2. Site.

The first four duplexes in The Village on the Downs were completed in September 2002. Since that time, all of the next 19 consecutive stages have been pre-sold before the completion of construction. Total sales of accommodation in The Village on the Downs have been impressive, due to the high demand of local and interstate residents wanting to purchase into a high quality development that promoted a community lifestyle. The Village on the Downs soon became known as the leading village on the Darling Downs.